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Here you will find information sources for Canada, United Kingdom, United Nations and United States governments

Why Use Government Publications

Government documents are a great source of information and offer a wide variety of primary resources on many topics. Issues discussed in the news (past and present) are often discussed by governments and debated by legislative bodies. Examples of frequently consulted government information include the census (current and historical), debates, sessional papers and annual reports, statutes, commissions of inquiry, yearbooks, surveys and statistical handbooks, as well as political party materials.

At Western University, Government Information includes any publication, regardless of physical form, bearing a national or international government imprint, or produced by or for a government or one of its agencies. Commercial reprints of government information are also included.

Government information can be located in Western Libraries' shared library catalogue, and can be searched in several ways:

Please note that Government Publications listed in the shared library catalogue actually represent only a small proportion of what Western Libraries actually owns! There are various unique and special sets which may be appropriate to assist you in your studies. Make sure you ask for assistance.

See Government Publications - Glossary for terminology definitions

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