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Visit this page to gain access to key resources to support your coursework and/or research in the subject area of Women's Studies and Feminist Research.

If you need assistance with your research or are experiencing difficulty accessing resources contact our Research Help Desk. You can also contact Marg Sloan for additional research assistance.

Other guides that maybe helpful to your research are:

Access the Research Guide Directory for a list of all guides.

Visit the Map and Data Centre virtually and in person for support in these areas. 

Books and Reference Sources


The best place to start any new research is with books or reference sources. These sources will provide an understanding of your topic and possible focus points for your research.. Access the reference tab of this guide to learn about these resources in the area of Women's Studies and Feminist Research. Visit the books tab to learn two methods of finding books within Western Libraries. Next visit the Articles tab to find databases that will lead to articles on your topic. 

Research is challenging work and involves problem solving. When you hit a problem with your research consider one of the following possible avenues for support: visit our Reference Help Desk; Chat with a librarian virtually or contact me via the Email Me link to the right.


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