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What is the Course Readings Service?

Course Readings is our personalized service for making your supplemental course material available. To get started:

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Contact coursereadings@uwo.ca with questions or to email your syllabus.

Course Readings

For Instructors

For Students

  • Choose the option that's best for you:
    • Send us your syllabus, and we'll handle the rest. From start to finish.
    • Submit individual item requests, and processing will be completed with high priority.
  • The Course Readings service includes:
    • Scanning and uploading book chapters and articles held in print. Scans will be high-quality PDFs compatible with text-to-speech software.
    • Ensuring stable links to online resources.
    • Placing books and other physical items on short-term loan at your preferred library.
    • Requesting new purchases for items not part of Western Libraries collection.
    • Providing assistance in copyright compliance and, where required, securing copyright clearance. For main campus courses, Western Libraries will remunerate any related fees or royalties to the copyright owner.
    • Support from library staff in all aspects of arranging and disseminating access to supplemental course materials.
  • As readings are processed, instructors see live status information.
  • For online resources, Course Readings provides usage statistics to inform curriculum evaluation and redevelopment.
  • Readings can be instantly imported across current and previous courses without re-input.
  • Are you #textbookbroke? All readings are free, versus expensive course packs and textbooks.
  • Course readings are made available online whenever possible. Items produced by the library will meet high standards for quality and compatibility with text-to-speech software.
  • Course readings are part of the OWL course site, with no additional log in or searching.
  • Books and other items for loan show current availability status.
  • All supplemental readings are in one place, regardless of format: print, online, etc.
  • Course readings are organized to correspond with the syllabus.