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How to Add the OWL Course Readings Plugin Tool

For instructors using an OWL course site, adding the Course Readings Plugin Tool will give your students quick access to their readings from within their course site.

To add the Course Readings Plugin Tool to an OWL Course Site:

1. From inside your OWL site, select "site info" from the left navigation menu

Site Info on OWL side navigation

2. Choose "Manage Tools" from the top navigation menu

Manage Tools tab on OWL top navigation

3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click "Plugin Tools" to expand the menu

Select Plugin Tools

4. Click "Course Readings" then "Continue"

Select Course Readings from Plugin Tools

5. Click "Finish" to confirm

Click Finish on Site Info page

6. You will now see Course Readings on the left hand side menu

Course Readings on OWL side navigation

7. When selected, Course Readings will open in a new tab


If you have merged sections or rosters into a single OWL course site after placing a course readings request, please contact coursereadings@uwo.ca to copy your readings to the new course site.