Western Libraries

Course Readings

Understanding the Course Item Lists

When you sign in, you'll see a list with all of your courses with course readings available. You can identify your courses with readings based on the course code and section number or the course name. 

Select the Course Home link associated with your course to get the appropriate reading list. Please see the example below. 

You will see a list a readings for this course, organized in a table. The items may be books held at the library, or be available online. 

Below is an example. You will see that there are three circles, each of which contains an example of an icon used to indicate format of reserve items.  

  • The book icon indicates a print item. Select Show Details in the first column to learn more about where the book will be located. 
  • The PDF icon  indicates a PDF file, which has been made accessible online for your class. This may be a book chapter or a journal article, for example. Select View Item to access the document. 
  • The link icon  indicates an external link. Select View Item to be redirected to the webpage where you can access the resource. 

Check the last column for tags, such as "textbook" or "week 3" for hints as to which resources you may need to access. 

To better understand the tools available to navigate your readings, see Student Tools