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Constitutional Law at Western Law

Constitutional Law at Western Law

The faculty at Western Law publish and teach in many areas of Constitutional Law:

Kate Glover, “Hard Amendment Cases in Canada” in Richard Albert, Xenophon Contiades & Alkmene Fotiadou, eds, Foundations and Traditions of Constitutional Amendment (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2017).

Wade Wright, “Provincial Non-enforcement of Constitutionally Suspect Federal Criminal Laws”, in R. Albert, P. Daly and V. MacDonnell, The Canadian Constitution in Transition (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, forthcoming).

Christopher Sherrin, “Distinguishing Charter Rights in Criminal and Regulatory Investigations: What's the Purpose of Analyzing Purpose?” (2010) 48 Alta. L. Rev. 1.

S. Michael Lynk. “Current Human Rights Issues in the Canadian Insurance Industry”. Special Panel Presentation – Annual Meeting – Canadian Insurance Adjusters – London, Ontario, 4 May 2017.

Kate Glover, “The Impact of Constitutional References on Institutional Reform” in Emmett Macfarlane, ed, The Policy Impact of the Courts (Toronto: University Press) forthcoming, 2018.