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Property Law at Western Law

Property Law at Western Law

Current and past faculty at Western Law publish and teach in many areas of Property Law:

Bruce Welling, Property in Things: in the Common Law System, 2nd ed (Mudgeeraba, Australia: Scribblers Publishing) 2008).

Adam Parachin, “Trusts for Purposes versus Trust for Persons – Time for a Rethink”,  Charity Talk, Canadian Bar Association, National Charities and Not-for-Profit Law Section Newsletter (September 2012).

Mohamed F. Khimji, “The Securities Transfer Act – The Radical Reform of Property Rights in Investment Securities” (2007) 45 Alberta Law Review 137.

Mohamed F. Khimji, “Intermediary Credit Risk – A Comparative Law Analysis of Property Rights in Indirectly Held Securities” (2005) Journal of Business Law 287.

Anna Dolidze, “Making International Property Law: Amici Curiae in International Dispute Resolution” (2012) 40 Syracuse J. Int’l L. & Com. 119.

Zurab Burduli & Anna Dolidze, “Housing and Property Restitution in Georgia” in Scott Leckie, ed, Returning Home: Housing and Property Restitution Rights of Refugees and Displaced Persons (Ardsley, NY : Transnational Publishers, 2003) 317.