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Law 5140 Property

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Welcome to the Property Law Essentials Guide

Introduction to the Essentials of Property Law

Property law is based largely on the common law tradition, although statutes law is also relevant. English textbooks and commonwealth journals should also not be overlooked as common-law issues have historically originated from the United Kingdom.  The Property law course consists of two parts: the law of personal property, and the possession and ownership of land. After exploring selected aspects of the law of personal property, the following topics are covered: the origin of interests in land; the concepts of estates and future interests; fees, tenancies and rights in the land of another; and land ownership and family obligations. Included in this research guide are references to important resources to start your research such as Halsbury’s Laws of Canada and the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest; relevant online databases for caselaw and legislative research; journal indexes; and catalogue links to  texts on different aspects of property law held on Reserve in the John and Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library.