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Law 2HR Reserve

KF240 .C354 2018

Law Reports & Treatises

Canadian Cases on Employment Law

KE3247 .A45 C357 (print: 1983-2013 in storage)
Features all important decisions in employment law and labour law (outside the collective bargaining process), from all Canadian jurisdictions selected by experts in the field. Includes cases on wrongful dismissal, dismissal for cause, constructive dismissal, demotion, employment contracts, employment standards, judicial review of labour arbitrations, mandatory retirement policies, wages and remuneration, pensions and profit sharing. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada

Canadian Labour Law Reporter

KE3145.8 .C35
Canadian Labour Law Reporter provides coverage of federal, provincial, and territorial laws on employment standards, human rights, pay and employment equity, employment insurance, and collective bargaining. Includes full-text court case law and decisions from boards, tribunals, commissions, etc. all across Canada, going back to the 1940's complete with case annotations commentary on key employment cases and practice tips. Supplemented Looseleaf

Decisions are cited as Canadian Labour Law Cases (CLLC). Print volumes (1944-1997) are in storage and current decisions are found in CCH Online (for law students and faculty).

Canadian Labour Relations Boards Reports

KE3153 .C365 (1975-current)
Covers key reported decisions of the various provincial Labour Relations Boards as well as those of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. Decisions from labour relations boards are also found online in LexisNexis Quicklaw.  

Labour Arbitration Cases

KE3206 .A45 L448 (print: 1989-2013 in storage)
LAC is the widely recognized "bible" of labour arbitration in Canada. Known as "Brown and Beatty", it offers a concise and comprehensive record and analysis of the whole body of arbitration developments in Canada over the past 40-plus years. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada (LabourSource).

Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration

KF3424 .M583 2011
"Leading Cases" (2nd edition) provides access to arbitration awards and court decisions as well as authoritative commentary on some 1,700 arbitration awards, court judgments and tribunal decisions. The service is organized by topic and divided into three parts: Evidence and Procedure; Discharge and Discipline; Contract Interpretation. Supplemented Looseleaf.
Available online via First Resort (Lancaster House)

The law library has an extensive collection of Labour and Employment  Law texts and treatises which are generally found in the KF3319-3408 section of the law library stacks. The more heavily utilized resources are found in the law reserves collection, a listing of which can be searched from the library catalogue.

Employment Standards Handbook

KF3320 .ZB3 P374
This publication includes the full text of the Act and all regulations; It includes a collection of digests and commentary on : application, administration and enforcement of the Act; payment of wages, overtime and holiday and vacation pay; hours of work and overtime; record keeping; equal pay for equal work; various kinds of leaves; termination and severance of employment; offences and penalties. Supplemented Looseleaf

Employment Law Manual

KF3457 .S67
This publication includes information on wrongful dismissal and also includes an examination of discriminatory practices under the Ontario Human Rights code and offences under the Employment Standards Act, 2000. It further includes practical insights into hiring and firing practices; precedents; forms of employment contracts; warning letters and; termination letters. Supplemented Looseleaf

Canadian Labour Law

KF3319 .A332
This publication includes labour relations statutes, labour board decisions and judicial cases from all jurisdictions on a variety of topics including: bargaining rights; the collective agreement; unfair labour practice proceedings; the construction industry; regulation of industrial conflict; the impact of the Charter; internal affairs of trade unions and; the effect of judicial review on board decisions. Supplemented Looseleaf
Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada (LabourSource).

Canadian Employment Law

KF3457 .B34
This publication includes a complete range of employment law in Canada including: wrongful dismissal; fiduciary obligations; tort law and vicarious liability; remedies; constitutional issues; occupational health and safety; employment contracts and; duty of good faith and human rights. Supplemented Looseleaf
Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada (EmploymentSource).

Evidence and Procedure in Canadian Labour Arbitration

KF3544 .G678 1991
This publication provides coverage of all procedural and evidentiary issues that relate to labour arbitration in Canada. Supplemented Looseleaf

Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual

KF3471 .B873
A practical annotated guide to employment relationships and terminations.
Supplemented Looseleaf

Wrongful Dismissal

KF3471 .H379
This comprehensive legal reference provides in-depth treatment of wrongful dismissal law and includes awards for mental distress; constructive dismissal; punitive and aggravated damages; just cause for dismissal; impact of employment contracts; Crown employees’ special status; tax considerations; settlement negotiations. Supplemented Looseleaf

Law of Dismissal in Canada

KF3471.L48 2003
This publication summarizes all significant cases before the Canadian courts in the area of dismissal law. It includes reasonable notice charts , checklists, summaries of significant decisions and analysis and commentary on landmark cases.
Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada (EmploymentSource).

Halsbury's Laws of Canada

For over 100 years, Halsbury's has been recognized as the premier legal reference in the world of common law. Halsbury's Laws of Canada continues in the tradition, delivering an authoritative, reliable and elegant statement of Canadian law.

Employment - Contributed by Soma Ray-Ellis
KE180 .H346 E475 2015

This volume provides the black letter statement of the law governing employment relationships in Canada. Topics covered include: Contract of employment; Obligations and duties of employer and employee; Termination of employment.

Labour - Contributed by James G. Knight and  Ron A. LeClair
KE180 .H346 L336 2016

This title provides a balanced perspective on all pillars of labour relations law, including: the process of collective bargaining, the nature and contents of collective agreements, standard grievance procedures, conciliation and arbitration processes and the impact of strikes and lockouts, the role of labour relations boards and judicial review of administrative decisions and arbitration awards.