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Sociology 3308G - Work and Health Across the Life course


This Guide has been created to assist you with your assignment. You will be looking at the intersection of work and health for an assigned alter ego. Taking a life course perspective, what are the work and health implications given the demographic characteristics of your assigned alter ego?

Background Information

  1. Occupation Resources:
    Career Information Center  - HF5382.5.U5C375 2007 – Business LibraryEach volume focuses on a different career area and the complete set contains more than 700 job profiles. Profiles include a job description, education and training requirements, up-to-date salary information, employment outlook and working conditions

    The following subject headings in the catalogue will lead to other career related information - 
    Labor supply -- canada.
    Job descriptions
  2. Policy Information:
    Understanding policy issues in Canada will assist in learning more about particular populations.  The following are accessible via a title search in the catalogue
    Institute for Research on Public Policy
    Canadian Public Policy Collection
  3. ​​​​Search Statistics Canada site
    Valualble resources include:​

Finding Journal Articles

Research about an individuals’ personal situation and/or work situation of particular demographic groups can be discovered by searching databases to access journal literature via the Sociology Program Guide.

An example of a search in Sociological Abstracts  is found below: 

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