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Annotated Guide to British Parliamentary Publications


The British Government puts out a wide variety of publications which can be divided into two categories;  Parliamentary and Non-Parliamentary publications. The term Parliamentary Publications describes everything that is published and which relates to Parliament and its work, including agendas and legislation.  

Parliamentary Publications may be subdivided as follows:

a)  House of Lords Publications:

b)  House of Commons Publications:

  • Votes and Proceedings
  • Journals
  • Official Report of the Parliamentary Debates (Hansards)
  • Papers and Bills

c)  Papers presented to Parliament by Command:

d)  Acts and Measures:

  • Public General Acts
  • Local and Personal Acts
  • Measures of the National Assembly of the Church of England

Parliamentary Papers refers only to particular groups of papers which come before either House and are included in one of a numbered series. Parliamentary Papers are also known as the British Sessional Papers.