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Articles for Business - Search Tips

Phrase Searching

One of the best search techniques to use in article databases is phrase searching.

If you are searching for a phrase keep the words together using quotation marks.


"angel investor"


Phrase searching can be used in all article databases.

Factiva Tips

Search field tag suggestions: 
The following field tags originated in an earlier version of Factiva but still function well. The codes listed here will not match codes used in the Intelligent Indexing search mechanism. Both methods provide valid results.

hl=headline group (section, column and headline) 
hlp=headline/lead paragraph group 
se=section e.g. se=business 
td=text of document 
sc=source code e.g. sc=glob (Globe & Mail), sc=nytf (New York Times), sc=j (Wall Street Journal), sc=tor (toronto star),  
                                 sc=finp (National Post/Financial Post), sc=cnbz (Canadian Business)

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