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Astronomy 4602-9706

Gravitational Astrophysics and Cosmology

Course Resources

This page contains information and links to resources relevant to the Astronomy 4602/9706 assignment:

Find all cosmology articles your chosen year and journal:

  • Nature (use Advanced search)
  • Science (use Advanced Search)
  • Scientific American (click Scientific American -- Scientific American Archive Online, then click EBSCOhost Scientific American; use Advanced Search, )

Try the following keywords:

  • cosmology
  • universe
  • any other keywords you determine are appropriate


  • book reviews
  • opinion pieces
  • news, views, viewpoints

Citing articles:

  • Use Astrophysical Journal citation style, but also include the article titles.
  • Structure: Lastname, Initials. "Article title," year, Journal Title, volume, page
  • Example: Rebolo, R., Martín, E. L., Basri, G., Marcy, G. W., & Zapatero-Osorio, M.R. "Brown Dwarfs in the Pleiades Cluster Confirmed by the Lithium Test," 1996, ApJ, 469, L53
  • You can also look at the citation style used for the references at the ends of Astrophysical Journal articles for more examples, but remember to include the article titles.


  • If you find more than 6 articles, summarize any 6 of your choice.
  • 200 words or less (each)
  • must be written to be understandable by other students in your class
  • Summarize and evaluate
  • Does the article describe new research results?
  • Does the article summarize an entire field?
  • Is it wild speculation?
  • Think critically -- question while you read.
  • Tutorial (video): Evaluating Sources