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Bloomberg Market Concepts

Download the Videos?

Videos are not downloadable and can only be viewed on Bloomberg.

Resume a Course?

You do not have to finish the courses in one sitting. You can pause and come back later.

The course will begin where you left off last.

Receive a Certificate?

Sample Certificate   To receive a completion certificate you must complete all 4 courses.

Share My Certificate with Potential Employers?

All students who complete BMC are able to create an anonymous profile which is searchable by the 330,000 Bloomberg Terminal users on the Bloomberg Talent Search (BTS). Employers use Bloomberg Talent Search to source interview candidates for internships and full-time entry level roles.

Create your profile and upload your resume today to take advantage of this exclusive recruiting platform:

  1. Sign in with your BMC credentials at the Bloomberg Institute.
  2. Click My Profile in the gray header.
  3. Click Edit Profile in the left side bar.
  4. Fill in your details - these will be confidential unless you approve they be released by a request from an employer.
  5. Click Resume in the left side bar.
  6. Upload your resume.
  7. Click Profile in the left side bar and slide the toggle from No to Yes to make your profile searchable.

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