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Contents     pt. 1. Mexican imprints, 1554-1750 (reels 1-30) -- pt. 2. Mexican imprints, 1750-1800 (reels 31-64) -- pt. 3. Spanish imprints, 1530-1646 (reels 65-99) -- pt. 4. Spanish imprints, 1647-1692 (reels 100-130) -- pt. 5. Spanish imprints, 1692-1788 (reels 131-176 -- pt. 6. Guatemalan imprints, 1663-1800 (reels 177-186) -- pt. 7. Imprints from Peru, and Los Angeles with additional titles from Mexico, Spain, and other regions (reels 187-248)

A guide to the microfilm collection is available at DBW reference NO LOAN  F1410.L385 ser.6 guide.

  • Conquistadors : the struggle for colonial power in Latin America [microfilm]
    This collection features expedition records, original letters and maps of exploration and colonization, and "diaries of discoveries" from South America, from narratives of Columbus' first voyage (at Sloane Ms 1709) to the end of Colonial Spanish rule. The set covers European exploitation, evangelization, and botanical and geographical exploration in South America from Texas to Tierra del Fuego, and features maps, scrolls, descriptions of voyages by sea and river, terrain, flora and fauna, settlement posts, plantations and mines, missionary activities, and "diaries of discoveries". Territories represented include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Florida, Guatemala, Guiana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Patagonia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Texas, Uruguay, Venezuela and the West Indies.

    Languages include Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian. Also includes Bible translations in Quechua and other native languages and indigenous dramas and poems.

    A guide to the microfolm collection is available in print at DBW reference NO LOAN  E123.C7383 Guide,  and through the Center for Research Libraries online