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Canada - Elections

This guide focuses on primary sources for the study of past Canadian elections. If you need secondary materials, e.g. commentaries on or analyses of elections, use the Shared Library Catalogue. Also use databases to find articles in journals, magazines,

Party Election Platforms

Political party material for selected years can be found in the Government Publications collection. Codes for the major federal parties are as follows:  

Bloc Québécois
Un pays pour l'an 2000: plan d'actionprésenté au Conseil général du Bloc Québécois DBW govt  JL 252.9.B5P39 1997
Bloc Québécois website

Conservative Party of Canada
Demanding Better: Conservative Party of Canada, Platform 2004 DBW govt JL 197.C6D46 2004
Conservative Party of Canada website

Green Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada 2004 Election Platform: Someday Is Now  DBW govt JL 197.G7G74 2004
Green Party of Canada website

Liberal Party of Canada
Moving Canada Forward: The Paul Martin Plan for Getting Things Done  DBW govt JL 197.L5M68 2004
Liberal Party of Canada website

New Democratic Party of Canada
Jack Layton NDP: New Energy, a Positive Choice DBW govt JL 197.N4J34 2004
New Democratic Party website