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Canada - Elections

This guide focuses on primary sources for the study of past Canadian elections. If you need secondary materials, e.g. commentaries on or analyses of elections, use the Shared Library Catalogue. Also use databases to find articles in journals, magazines,

Miscellaneous Documents

White Paper on Election Law Reform. June 1986 DBW govt JL 103.9.G68 1986.W55

Canada's Electoral System. Strengthening the Foundation Annex to the Report...on the 35th General Election DBW govt mfiche CA7 MC M32 no.96-04956

Reforming Electoral Democracy:  Final Report  (Royal Commission Chair:  Pierre Lortie) DBW govt JL 103.9.R68 1989b.R441 1991 to JL 103.9.R68 1989b.R444 1991 

The Commission also published 23 volumes of research reports, which can be found under the series title: 

Research studies (Canada. Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing)  DBW govt JL103.9.R68 1989bR47 no. 1 - no. 23