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Canada - Elections

This guide focuses on primary sources for the study of past Canadian elections. If you need secondary materials, e.g. commentaries on or analyses of elections, use the Shared Library Catalogue. Also use databases to find articles in journals, magazines,

Historical Compendium of Election Statistics

History of the Federal Electoral Ridings 1867-1992 DBW govt mfiche JL 103.9 P382 1993.H57

History of the Federal Electoral Ridings 1867-1980... DBW govt JL 103.9.P382H5...

Canada Votes: A Handbook of Federal and Provincial Election Data (General elections 1878-1958 and By-elections 1921-1958) DBW govt JL 193.S35  

Canada Votes 1935-1988 DBW govt JL 193.A45 1989

Historic Election Boundaries

Atlas of Canada DBW govt map JL 103.9.N37 1915.A86. See pages 59 - 62 for international boundaries.

Canada Yearbook  DBW govt HA 748.9.A2 11-C202. See 1976-77 edition, pages 470-471 for 200 Mile Fishing Limit.