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Parliament is the legislative branch of the federal government. It includes the Sovereign, represented by the Governor General, the House of Commons and the Senate. It also refers to the time when members of parliament and senators are assembled.

Sessional Papers

Sessional Papers are reports that the House of Commons orders to be created in order for them to carry out their business. They cover a wide diversity of topics, among them are: reports of departments and commissions, reports of negotiations between the federal government and the provincial government, government expenditure on public works, annual reports and so on. The Sessional Papers ceased being published as a separate series in 1925 - 1930. After this time period, each committee publishes its reports separately.

Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada 1867-1930 DBW govt J 103.S2S47

Canada. Parliament. Unpublished Sessional Papers 1916 (12th Parl. 6th Sess.) - 1993 (34th Parl. 3rd Sess.) DBW govt mfilm CA1 P S261.  This set includes all papers tabled in the Parliament of Canada and not ordered to be printed for general distribution. It includes unpublished reports of committees, commissions, and boards of inquiry, and answers to questions put to cabinet ministers. It contains many other records of daily government business, and special studies ordered or tabled in the House, including Privy Council reports and Orders-in-Council.

There is a Table of Contents on Reel 1 of each sessional sequence. Also note that the Sessional Paper numbers on the film appear in the Indexes to the Journals of the House of Commons. This set begins with 1916 as a fire in 1916 destroyed the papers tabled in Parliament and not ordered to be printed.

Please note:  From the Colonial period to 1920, Early Canadian Online features many of the government publications listed above.