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Bloomberg Market Concepts

Bloomberg is now offering FREE access to BMC, Bloomberg’s certification program, via the web, in lieu of a terminal connection. The fee for web access to this program is normally $149USD but is now being waived for academic customers.  This program is in place until the end of December.

Students with existing BMC accounts can log-in for free to continue working on their certification on the BMC portal.

Students without current BMC credentials can create these on the portal, using their @uwo.ca email address. In both instances, a certificate of achievement will be issued to students upon successful completion of the program, just as is done with the terminal version.

Getting Started in Bloomberg Market Concepts

1. Create a Bloomberg Account

To begin you must have your own Bloomberg account. Here is how to create one:

  1. Login to a Bloomberg terminal with your Western Identity.
  2. Open the Bloomberg program on the desktop.
  3. Select "Register".
  4. Fill out the information required including the group code   PNUWOLIB16
  5. Bloomberg will either text or call you with an activation code to be entered on the terminal before continuing.

2. Begin Bloomberg Market Concepts Courses

Bloomberg Sign Up screen   Once you have logged into Bloomberg:

   Type in the command line the code BMC.

   Within BMC select Sign Up on the left and enroll.

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