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Accessing The Globe and Mail

In class, you learned how to search The Globe and Mail through the search box on the library home page.

See below for another example of searching for recent articles in The Globe and Mail.

Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies

The Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies database provides users with up-to-date coverage of major Canadian news sources.  Click the link above to access the resource and follow the steps below to search The Globe and Mail through this database.

The search The Globe and Mail only, type "The Globe and Mail" in the first search box and change the field to "Publication Title."  Add your search terms to the search box below (add more search boxes if needed).

Remember, you only want to search for articles within the last 4-6 years.  To do this, change the publication date to "After this date..." and input December 31, 2008 to retrieve articles within the last six years.  Change the year according to how recent you would like the articles to be.

Click "Search."

You may have to adjust your search terms if you are not satisfied with the results.  It may take you a while to narrow down the most effective search string(s).

Below is an article from the example search results.  You may read the article on the web page, print a hard copy, or you can save the article as a PDF.  


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