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The History of Psychology - Researching the Intellectual Lineage of an Academic

What are Archives?

Archives provide researchers with access to primary source material.  Collections can contain personal records such as photographs, letters, emails and much more.

Every individual archive decides on the scope of material that they collect. Some will focus on local figures and organizations and others might have broader mandates such as Archives Canada which serves as "Canada's collective memory", gathering evidence of what it means to be a Canadian. 

Western Archives contains the University Archives which include university and private archival holdings. These materials document the University's history, organization, structure, programs and functions.  In addition, Western Archives provides records management services for the University. 

Many Archives provide access to their collections on the web.  The links below are just some examples of searchable Archives. Google can help you locate institutional or regional archives, that might have records for the individual you are researching.

Archeion - Collective search engine including archival collections from all across Ontario.

Archives Canada

The National Archives (UK)

Center for the History of Psychology



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