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Psychology 3950

The History of Psychology - Researching the Intellectual Lineage of an Academic

Tracking a line of research

Citation databases allow you to track a line of research by looking forwards and backwards through time.  It is possible to see what works have been cited in a particular paper, but also what other papers are citing the work that you are interested in. 



What is the difference?

You might be wondering which database is the best to use.  It's always a good idea to check more than one or two sources to compare results.  If you want to know the specific differences between the databases, you can read about them at the HLWiki site here. 

Psychology Databases

If you aren't able to find articles and books from the Citation Databases above, you can also look for a researcher's works in the Psychology-focused database:

For even more Psychology resources, be sure to look at the Psychology Research Guide.


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