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MOS 3280G: Evidence-Based Management in Human Resources

Article Critique

Your professor has provided you with a popular journal article to critique. As discussed in the library instruction session, a best first step after your initial reading is to reread your article making notations of where you may disagree with the author or where supporting information is needed. Use the handout distributed in class to assist with this task. 

Your assignment asks that you find scholarly journal articles to support or refute information presented in the popular journal article. The video below provides valuable tips for reading a scholarly journal article.  

Finding information to support or refute information presented in article

Your article critique will involve finding information to support or refute the author's perspective. The assignment asks that you reference academic research articles. Use the search form above to develop an effective search string.

When searching journal databases begin with a keyword search and look at on topic articles to uncover other possible search terms.

Databases that index Human Resources journal titles include:

Evaluating what you find