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Book Reviews

Book Reviews - to locate a review about a book, rather than locating the work itself, use a Subject search. To do this, choose the OMNI Advanced Catalogue Search.

Using the drop-down menu, change the Any field search - to Subject, then change the next drop-down choice from contains to is (exact). Next, input your title, e.g. HANDMAID'S TALE, and hit SEARCH.

Scroll down to filter your results, using the left-hand sidebar. Choose "Resource Type," and "Show More" - to select Reviews. Click on Reviews, and your results will be filtered, displaying only reviews of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

Book Reviews

Other book review sources:

  • Choice Reviews
    Provides "access to a comprehensive archive of almost 200000 reviews representing a quarter-century of scholarship".
  • Counterpoise
  • Lambda Book Report
    A resource for LGBT readers and writers.

Annual Reviews

Provides searchable abstracts and full-text access to journal articles compiling and reviewing literature on a variety of issues in the Social Sciences. The bibliographies are comprehensive, providing reviews of the state of the research on chosen topics.