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Real Time Remote Access

Research Guide for the Statistics Canada Real Time Remote Access program

Apply for Access to RTRA

To apply to RTRA, please contact Senior Statistical Focal Point at rsclib@uwo.ca and include the following information with your email:

  • Full name
  • Status (Undergraduate, graduate, professor, or researcher)
  • Program; year of study
  • Why do you need RTRA?
    • E.g. Project proposal, Master's thesis project, etc.
    • Please describe your project in a few sentences for context
  • What survey(s) are you interested in and for what purpose?

Following this request, you will need to meet with the Senior Statistical Focal Point for an initial consultation to discuss your project and go over key questions. It is advised that you first visit Statistics Canada's RTRA application and guidelines page. The application process takes approximately one week. Western University has a two-user subscription to RTRA if you are interested in using RTRA, please contact the Research and Scholarly Communication (RSC) Team within Western Libraries (rsclib@uwo.ca).