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Master of Public Health 9012 - Research for Health

Conducting a literature review

A literature review includes resources gathered on a particular topic.They can include an analysis and critical evaluation on a topic and assists in identifying gaps in research and/or possible next steps to implement. To assist in developing a search string for your research topic use the Keyword And Term Harvesting Table worksheet linked below.

The Levels of Evidence Pyramid (found to the right) is a great aid in appreciating the value of particular types of resources. As you can see from the diagram, Meta-Analysis and Systematic Reviews are the highest level of evidence you can use.

Access the databases tab to find journal articles and access the Grey Literature tab to find this type of information often not found when searching databases.

Systematic Review Sources

Access the Systematic Reviews Research Guide to learn further details of conducting a systematic review. You may also find viewing the tutorial  How to conduct a Systematic Review helpful.

Levels of Evidence Pyramid

Evidence Based Medicine - Types of Studies

Diagram assists in knowing which resource to access when looking for a particular level of evidence. It was created by the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library in Washington, D.C. Accessed from http://libguides.gwumc.edu/ebm/studytypes