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Canada - Census and Statistics

Canada - Census

NOTE: Announced in July 2010, Statistics Canada will eliminate the long-from census for the 2011.

The long census questionnaire provided information on a broad range on such topics as ethnicity, education, employment, income, housing and disability. Those questions will be asked on a new, voluntary National Household Survey and the results will not be released.

History of the Canadian Census
   An historic overview of census collection in Canada

Census Dictionary
   Provides detailed information on  the Census of Population and Census of Agriculture.

Statistics Canada. 2001 Census

Statistics Canada. 2006 Census


Canada - Statistical Sources

Statistics Canada. CANSIM II 
   Licensed to UWO users only. CANSIM (Canadian Socio-Economic Information Management System) is the Statistics Canada's computerized database of time series covering a wide variety of social and economic aspects of Canadian life. The use of CANSIM II @ CHASS is restricted to current faculty, staff, and students of subscribing universities. Commercial use is prohibited.

Statistics Canada. CANSIM II 
   for general public CANSIM is Statistics Canada's key socio-economic database. Updated daily, CANSIM provides fast and easy access to a large range of the latest and most up-to-date statistics available in Canada.

Finances of the Nation 1995 - 2012

Statistics Canada 
   A Guide to Statistics Canada publications.

Historical Statistics of Canada
   Contains 1,088 statistical tables on the social, economic and institutional conditions of Canada from the start of Confederation in 1867 to the mid-1970s.

Statistics Canada Daily 

Statistics Canada 

Statistics Canada Index of Downloadable Publications (via DSP)

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