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Here you wil lfind information sources for the fincances of Canada

Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada  is the nation's central bank. It is responsible for keeping inflation low, stable, and predictable; designing and issuing bank notes; promoting safe, sound, and efficient financial systems; and providing high-quality, effective, and efficient funds-management and central banking services for the federal government. Their website provides access to the major publications from the Bank of Canada.

1996 - Annual Reports or
1940 - DBW govt JL103.9.F55A569 Annual report of the Governor to the Minister of Finance and statement of accounts. 

1994- Bank of Canada Review  or
1972 -2002 DBW govt HA745.9.F5B361

2002 -   Financial System Review  or
2002 - DBW govt JL103.9.F55F567

1995 - Monetary Policy Report  or
1995 - 2000 ARCC, 2001 - DBW govt JL103.9.F55M66

1997 - Weekly Financial Statistics