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Parliament is the legislative branch of the federal government. It includes the Sovereign, represented by the Governor General, the House of Commons and the Senate. It also refers to the time when members of parliament and senators are assembled.


The Debates are the official verbatim daily record of the House of Commons and the Senate. They are printed in both English and French and made available to MPs and the public the morning following each sitting. An annual index is produced at the end of the session.

Reconstituted Debates. The Early Debates of Parliament 1867-1872.  Online House of Commons or Senate.
Official reporting of the debates of Canada’s Parliament began in 1871 in the Senate,  and in 1875 in the House of Commons. Prior to this there was no official record of what was said in Parliament, creating a gap in the documentation of Canada’s history.
The Parliament of Canada in collaboration with the Library of Parliament initiated a project to reconstitute the early debates of the Senate from 1867 to 1870, and of the House of Commons for the years 1867 through 1874, using newspaper reports of the day as the source of information. These reconstituted records offer a unique view of our parliamentary history. Debates for 1867 to 1872 of this ongoing project are made available here to all Canadians.

Lipad.ca Canadian Hansard Dataset (1901-present [June 2016]) in English only.
The transcript of Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) is a 150- year running record of Canadian History. In 2013 a group of political scientists, computer scientists and historians teamed up at the University of Toronto, with the support of SSHRC, the NSERC, the Digging into Data initiative, the Library of Parliament and Archives Canada, Canadiana.org and Michael Mulley at openparliament.ca to provide a fully searchable  historical Hansard with various biographical properties of parliamentarians, including their party and gender.

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Canada. Parliament. House of Commons. Debates 
1869 (1st Parl. 2nd Sess.) – current, DBW govt J 103.K2 (various official titles)
1867 - 1993 Online

Canada. Parliament. Senate. Debates (various official titles)
1869 (1st Parl. 2nd Sess.) – 1878 (3rd Parl. 5th Sess.) and 1973/74 (29th Parl. 1st Sess.) - current, DBW govt J 103.J2
1871 (1st Parl. 4th Sess.) - 1972 (28th Parl. 4th Sess.), DBW govt mfilm CA1 PB D27
1996/97 (35th Parl. 2nd Sess.) - current Online