Western Libraries

CBE Research Group Workshops

This course guide contains information about and links to resources relevant to the library workshops for individual CBE research groups.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

Interlibrary Loans:

  • Q: How to check whether a journal article can be accessed in the library? 
    A: Journal Title search on the Library Catalogue

    e.g. Computer modeling and reliability evaluation of steel through truss bridges. Structural Safety. 7(2-4), p255-267. Mar 1990.
  • RACER/InterLibrary Loans
    Request research material that is not available at Western Libraries
    Individual account is required

Structured Search Strategy

  • Web Tutorial Videos 
  • Search Strategy Worksheet 

Note: The structured search strategy is used on keyword search engines, including library catalogue, databases (except SciFinder), online reference titles (e.g. Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technologyUllmann's encyclopedia of industrial chemistry).

Background Information

  • CRCNetBASE - online handbooks or books on a wide variety of engineering and environmental topics, including alternative fuel technologies and energy conservation.
  • Library Catalogue - books held by Western Libraries
  • Review Articles - articles that summarize the key research done in a certain topic; can be found in many of the databases listed below

Key Databases for finding Articles

Questions to explore:

  • Is there a way to limit searches to review articles only?
  • Does this database cover patents? Conference papers?
  • How up to date is the database? Find the latest issue of the journal Powder Technology.
  • How can you analyze or refine your results in this database?
  • What are the top 3 journals where articles on your topic are published?
  • Are you finding what you expected to find on your topic (key authors/papers/conferences)?
  • Can you set up a personalized account to save searches and articles? If so, set up an account for yourself.
  • How do you export records from this database into Refworks?

More Databases

Finding Theses, Chemical Properties, Spectra, and Standards

See a list of sources for theses/dissertations:

See a list of library guide pages for: