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CEE2217 Library Information Session

Creating an annotation

From your course assignment description: "A bibliography is a list of references or research sources for a topic.  The list is presented in alphabetical order by first author’s last name and each reference is listed using full, proper citation form (as would appear in the reference section of a textbook or engineering report).  An Annotated Bibliography is a bibliography that includes bullet notes beneath each reference listing the key points/figures/data contained in that reference (i.e., the key material you want to remember and potentially use in your research without re-reading the source).  An annotated bibliography is an excellent way to recall, categorize, search, and share the research you have conducted."

Some questions to keep in mind as you write your annotations:

  • What are the major findings?
  • Are the results significant?
  • Are the conclusions valid? Do you agree with the deductions drawn from the results?
  • What are the implications or significance of this research?
  • How does the work relate to your topic?
  • How do the results compare or contrast with the work of others you have cited?

Citing your references

Please refer to Western Libraries' citation style guides for details.