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KF240 .C354 2018

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Canada Contracts Digest


The Canada Contracts Digest contains an extensive selection of contracts case summaries from all Canadian common law jurisdictions. Content is organized under more than 450 contracts headings and sub-headings. Within each heading, the summaries are organized by court level, then by jurisdiction, and then by date. Case citations are hyperlinked to the full text version of each decision. Available online via Lexis Advance Quicklaw and Nexis Uni (formally LexisNexis Academic).

Canadian Cases on Employment Law

KE3247 .A45 C357 (Print: 1983-2013 in Storage)

Features decisions in employment law and labour law (outside the collective bargaining process), from all Canadian jurisdictions selected by experts in the field. Includes cases on wrongful dismissal, dismissal for cause, constructive dismissal, demotion, employment contracts, employment standards, judicial review of labour arbitrations, mandatory retirement policies, wages and remuneration, pensions and profit sharing. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada.

Construction Law Reports

KE933 .A45 C65 (Print: 1983-2014 in Storage)

Features construction law decisions from all Canadian jurisdictions, selected by experts in the field. Includes cases on building contracts, remedies for their breach, construction liens and bonding issues. Court actions by and against architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors are included. Articles, annotations and case comments are also included. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada.

Business Law Reports

KE915.8 .B88 (Print: 1977-2014 in Storage)

Features decisions in corporate, commercial and business law from all Canadian jurisdictions selected by experts in the field. Includes cases under the federal and provincial corporations statutes, prosecutions under the Competition Act, cases on shareholders’ rights, partnerships, rights of debtors and creditors, bills of exchange, promissory notes and guarantees, sale of business, sale of goods, products liability and commercial contracts. Articles, annotations and case comments are also included. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada.

The law library has an extensive collection of Contract Law texts and treatises which are generally found in the KF 801 section of the law library. The more heavily utilized resources are found in the law reserves collection, a listing of which can be searched from the library catalogue.

Chitty on Contracts

KF801 .C5 2015

Since 1826, Chitty on Contracts has provided complete insight into contract law, covering every commercial situation with specific sections on a range of contracts from agency to consumer contracts. Now in its 32nd edition, Chitty includes the formation of contracts, the capacity of parties, terms, illegality and public policy, joint obligations, third parties and assignment, performance, discharge, remedies.

The Law of Contract in Canada

(Fridman)  KF801 .F74 2011

The previous editions of The Law of Contract have been cited or quoted by judges in more than 100 decisions. The Law of Contract in Canada, 6th Edition, retains all the fundamental concepts of contract law while incorporating new information, including commentary on recent changes wrought by judicial decision-makers. In particular the discussion of fundamental and innominate terms, performance, breach of contract, frustration, assignment and damages has been revised and new chapters written on conditions precedent and exclusion terms.

The 6th edition contains all the most current developments in Canadian contract law such as good faith in contracting and performance damages for mental distress; tenders; certain aspects of consideration; part performance; aspects of mistake; invalidity; contingency fees; severance; repentance of illegality; interpretation of express terms; implied terms.

The Law of Contracts

(Waddams)  KF801 .W33 2017

A classic text now in its 7th edition, The Law of Contracts has been cited repeatedly by the courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada. This work looks beyond the surface rules of this complex area of law to identify the underlying conflicting principles. Includes: English and commonwealth cases that could potentially affect Canadian jurisprudence; Issues in regards to duty of good faith, specific performance, and damages for mental distress for breach of contract.

The Law of Contracts

(Mccamus)  KF801 .M33 2012

This up-to-date and comprehensive account of the Canadian common law of contracts includes emerging topics such as good faith bargaining, the duty to perform in good faith and new developments in remedies, including disgorgement and punitive damages. Print and e-book versions available.

The Law of Contract

(O'Sullivan)  KF801 .O88 2016

This work covers the core principles of contract law, and introduces key academic debates. The 7th edition includes significant EU-inspired developments in the law of contract, and contract formation and other contractual issues in the modern world of electronic and online transactions.

A Treatise on the Law of Contracts

(Williston)  KF801.W545 1990 (current to 2007)

This major work provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of all aspects of contract law. Discusses the law and the reasoning behind it, especially in judicial decisions. Includes historical underpinnings, majority and minority views, and current trends. Traces contract law from its common-law roots in English cases and shows how those rules have evolved to meet contemporary concerns. Covers contract formation, agreements, illegal agreements, statute of frauds, interpretations, conditions, excuses for non-performance and more.

Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada (WILLSTN-CN)

Halsbury's Laws of Canada

For over 100 years, Halsbury's has been recognized as the premier legal reference in the world of common law. Halsbury's Laws of Canada continues in the tradition, delivering an authoritative, reliable and elegant statement of Canadian law.

Commercial Law I: Agency. Contributed by Maurice Coombs

KE180 .H346 C644 2015

This title clearly articulates such matters as the creation and termination of the agency, the rights, obligations and duties of an agent and principal, and remedies for breach of duty. Topics covered include: Agency distinguished from other relationships; Creation of agency; Authority of an agent; Rights, liabilities and obligations of principals and agents. The text is broken down into: Auctions (by Sheila Nemet-Brown); Bailment (by Tyler Botten); and Betting, Gaming and Lotteries (Ilkim Hincer).

Commercial Law II: Consumer Protection. Contributed by Danielle Bush

KE180 .H346 C644 2015

This title guides practitioners through the law of consumer protection in Canada, providing an invaluable review of consumer protection by province, and by industry. Topics covered include: Consumer contracts; Financing protection; Licensing consumer service providers; Motor vehicle dealers and repairs; Home heating. The text is broken down into: Bills of Exchange (Maurice Coombs); Consumer Protection (Danielle Bush); and Sale of Goods (Valerie Steeves).

Construction. Duncan Glaholt and Markus Rotterdam

KE180 .H346 C667 2017

This premier legal reference provides, in a clear and straightforward manner, the legal principles, issues and questions which arise in the course of building projects. Topics covered include: Building contracts; Performance and payment issues; Construction liens; Other construction remedies; Architects and engineers.

Employment.  Contributed by Soma Ray-Ellis

KE180 .H346 E475 2015

This title provides the black letter statement of the law governing employment relationships in Canada. Topics covered include: Legislative framework; Contract of employment;  Obligations and duties of employer and employee; Termination of the employment.

Partnerships. Contributed by Maurice Coombs.

KE180 .H346 O35 2013

This premier legal reference provides, in a clear and straightforward manner, the law that governs for-profit, non-corporate business organizations in Canada. Topics covered include: Creation and duration of partnerships; Legal proceedings involving partners; Dissolution of partnerships; Limited partnerships; Limited liability partnerships; Joint ventures.

Other Halsbury’s titles can be found in LexisNexis Quicklaw in the Contract Law folder.

Restatement of the Law: Contracts 2nd

KF154 .A597

As adopted and promulgated by the American Law Institute at Washington, D.C., May 17, 1979.

This 10-volume set is a revision of the original 1932 restatement on contracts. The Restatement Second, Contracts, constitutes a thorough revision and updating of the original 1932 Restatement. It embodies additions inspired by the Uniform Commercial Code and improves the black-letter formulations by altering the order or scope of topics to enhance clarity or reduce redundancy. Topics include: the meaning of terms such as "formation of contracts-parties and capacity", "Statute of Frauds", "mistake"; unenforceability on grounds of public policy; the scope of contractual obligations; performance and non-performance; impracticability of performance and frustration of purpose; discharge by assent of alteration; joint and several promisors and promisees; and contract beneficiaries; assignment and delegation and remedies. Also available online via Westlaw Edge Canada (REST-CONTR).