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Law 2HR Reserve

KF240 .C354 2018

Law Reports & Treatises

Criminal Reports

KE8805.8 .C758 (Print: 1946-2013 in Storage)
The decisions in this law reporter cover criminal offences, procedures and evidence from every court level. Criminal Reports also includes annotations and articles by leading authorities in the field. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada

Canadian Criminal Cases

KE8805.8 .C357 (Print: 1898-2014 in Storage)
This renowned resource includes leading precedent-setting criminal cases from all common law provinces and territories and cases of general interest from Quebec. Topical catchlines in bold print show the key issues involved. Expert case selection, editing and headnoting are a tradition with Canadian Criminal Cases. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada

Weekly Criminal Bulletin

KE8806.22 .W44 (1976-2014)
This is a comprehensive collection of summaries of criminal judgments, organized by topic. Each summary provides either the principles involved or the particulars of a sentence on a given set of facts. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada

Annotated Criminal Code

Martin’s Annual Criminal Code

KF9219 .C3 M3

Fully annotated by three of Canada's most respected criminal law experts, Martin's references more than 5,000 reported and unreported cases in a practical and accessible format. The Law Library carries Martin’s in its collection back to 1955 - a valuable tool for carrying out legislative histories in Criminal Code research. Available Online via the Library Catalogue (historical content from Canada Law Book) or the current version from CriminalSource (Westlaw Edge Canada).

Tremeer’s Criminal Code

KF9219 .C3 T7

Tremeer’s features more than 4,000 Supreme Court of Canada and provincial appellate Court decisions and is cross-referenced to the appropriate sections of Watt's Specimen Jury Instructions. It also includes Offence Tables that allow you to classify an offence, determine maximum and minimum sentences and the range of sentencing options and orders.

Crankshaw’s Criminal Code of Canada

KF9220 .ZA2 C73 1993

Crankshaw incorporates the text of the R.S.C. 1985 version of the Criminal Code and 22 Related Acts. Each section of the Code and the Related Acts is now annotated with; a collection of reported and unreported case law digests; a bibliography of articles dealing with the digested case law and cross-referenced to the relevant digest; cross-references describing related sections and statutes; and  a complete legislative history showing the actual wording of changes to the section.

Other valuable features include a Words and Phrases Volume containing more than 4,000 definitions relevant to criminal law and taken from case law, Law Reform Commission reports, the Code and other related statutes; the text of all federal regulations passed under the Code.

The law library has an extensive collection of Criminal Law texts and treatises which are generally found in the KF 9220 section of the law library. The more heavily utilized resources are found in the law reserves collection, a listing of which can be searched from the library catalogue.

Manning, Mewett & Sankoff : Criminal Law

KF9219 .M494 2009

Written by defence counsel Morris Manning, Q.C. and Professor Peter Sankoff, Manning, Mewett&; Sankoff - Criminal Law articulates the governing principles of criminal law, and features a clear and comprehensive analysis of every offense in the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Crimes covered include: Internet luring, terrorist offences, firearms and weapons offences, human trafficking, hostage taking, and proceeds of crime. Coverage also includes: defences premised on the concept of moral involuntariness; the expansion of corporate liability; commentary on the increased prevalence of negligence-based crimes; and references to articles, texts and cases.

Canadian Criminal Code Offences

KF9219 .C3 C354

Canadian Criminal Code Offences is an acclaimed practice manual for Crown counsel, defence counsel, judges and police. Developed and written by an experienced Crown counsel, this manual brings together in one place essential information about the 51 most commonly charged Criminal Code offences.

The offences are organized alphabetically into individual, tabbed chapters for immediate access. Each chapter contains: the full text of the Criminal Code sections and any other statutory provisions that relate to the offence; available defences; the best wording of the charge; the elements to be proved;  procedural considerations; the up-to-date case law; recent, significant changes in the law; and Forms. Supplemented Looseleaf.

Criminal Law

Essentials of Canadian Law

7th edition online via the library catalogue

Kent Roach’s popular Irwin Law title includes chapters on: specific offences including homicide, sexual, and terrorism offences with a discussion of the first two convictions under the Anti-Terrorism Act. Other topics include: Unfulfilled Crimes and Participation in Crimes; Regulatory Offences and Corporate Crime; Intoxication; Mental Disorder and Automatism; and Self-Defence, Necessity, and Duress.

Canadian Criminal Law: A Treatise

KF9219 .S78 2014

Written by Don Stuart, this book reviews general matters of substantive principle in criminal law. The newest edition includes major Supreme Court decisions dealing with striking down prostitution laws, terrorism offences, consent to sexual intercourse with an HIV positive accused, and reliance on duress defence.

Canadian Criminal Procedure

KF9619 .S34 1994

This leading work (6th edition) by Roger E. Salhany covers procedures under the Criminal Code such as general warrants; jury instructions; parole ineligibility; long-term offenders; and appeal by the Crown. It also includes critical commentary and overall historical analysis. Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada.

Search and Seizure Law in Canada

KF9630 .H87 1991

This service offers comprehensive coverage of search and seizure law, an essential element of both the criminal process and regulatory regimes. The effect of the Charter protection against unreasonable search and seizure is examined, drawing upon U.S. jurisprudence where appropriate. Individual chapters examine various types of searches including electronic surveillance, administrative and regulatory searches, motor vehicle searches, firearms and weapon searches and mail searches. Detailed coverage is provided of the execution of search warrants, solicitor-client privilege, the disposition of seized property and Charter remedies including the exclusion of evidence. Supplemented Looseleaf.

Youth Criminal Justice Law

Essentials of Canadian Law

KF9780 .ZA2 B34 2012

While the primary focus of this book is on the legal issues that arise in the youth justice system, the book is premised on the belief that youth justice issues must be understood in a broader context. This book includes some discussion of constitutional, evidentiary, and procedural issues that are relevant to youth justice; it also explores some of the ethical and practical issues that confront lawyers and other professionals working in the youth justice system. The book considers the broader social and political context for issues of adolescent offending and youth justice. Print and e-book versions available.

Reshaping the Criminal Law: Essays in Honour of Glanville Williams

KF210 .R48

This is a collection of the writings of Welsh legal scholar Glanville Williams. Although he wrote on many areas of the law, he is better known as a writer on criminal law. Some titles of note are:

Criminal Law: the General Part (1953); The Proof of Guilt (1955); The Sanctity of Life and the Criminal Law (1958); Textbook of Criminal Law (1978).

Criminal Law and the Canadian Criminal Code

KF9620 .ZA2 B38 2013

Now in its 6th edition this book is geared towards those interested in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. It references legislation updates, new sections on The Youth Criminal Justice Act and The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and discussions of recent courtroom decisions.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada

For over 100 years, Halsbury's has been recognized as the premier legal reference in the world of common law. Halsbury's Laws of Canada continues in the tradition, delivering an authoritative, reliable and elegant statement of Canadian law.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Criminal Offences and Defences - Contributed by Alan D. Gold 

KE180 .H346 C756 2007

This volume provides the black letter statement of the law governing criminal offences and defences in Canada.Topics covered include: Investigative Powers and Enforcement; Criminal Negligence and Recklessness; Offences Involving Violence or Threats of Violence; Property Offences; Statutory and Common Law Defences.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Criminal Procedure - Alan D. Gold

KE180 .H346 C76 2016

This volume provides the black letter statement of the law governing criminal procedure in Canada. Topics covered include: Search and Seizure; Apprehension, Bail and Compelling Appearance; Trial Procedure; Appeals; Sentencing.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Firearms, Weapons and Explosives -  contributed by Jonathan Keene Brunet

KE180 .H346 F574 2014

This volume provides a description of the relevant regulatory framework that governs the possession and use of firearms, weapons and dangerous goods in Canada. Topics covered include: Constitutional and Charter issues; Licences, registration certificates and authorizations for firearms; References and appeals; Part III of the Criminal Code; Sentencing considerations for firearms offences; Legislative context for explosives and dangerous goods; Rules governing the use of weapons and explosives.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Youth Justice - Contributed by Jeffery Wilson

KE180.H346W675 2019

This valuable title examines all aspects of crimes by children and against children, including significant differences regarding the maximum penalties available in youth court, special legal considerations with respect to evidence given by child witnesses, and compensation for criminal injuries. Topics covered in this essential reference include: Crimes By Children; Right to Counsel; Admissibility of Statements; Sentencing; Privacy Rights; Crimes Against Children; Offences; Accommodation and Privacy of Child Witnesses; Compensation for Child Victims.