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Statutory Law

Environmental Protection Act

Cite as: Environmental Protection Act, RSO 1990, c E-19.

The Ontario Environmental Protection Act is Ontario’s principal environmental statute. First enacted in 1971, with the creation of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, it complements and occasionally overlaps with Ontario’s other major environmental statutes. The Act contains numerous provisions for administrative orders, which may be imposed upon those who own or control property. (Saxe)

Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Cite as: Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, SC 2012, c 19, s 52.

The Act establishes a new federal environmental assessment regime. Assessments are conducted in relation to projects, designated by regulations or by the Minister of the Environment, to determine whether they are likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects that fall within the legislative authority of Parliament, or that are directly linked or necessarily incidental to a federal authority’s exercise of a power or performance of a duty or function that is required for the carrying out of the project.

Environmental Assessment Act

Cite as: Environmental Assessment Act, RSO 1990, c E-18

The Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) outlines Ontario’s environmental assessment procedures. It combines the information-gathering process with a decision-making function to be exercised by an independently appointed tribunal - The Environmental Review Tribunal. (Dunn)

Ontario Water Resources Act

Cite as: Ontario Water Resources Act, RSO 1990, c O.40.

The present OWRA traces its origins back to the Ontario Water Resources Commission Act, 1957. The OWRA and the Environmental Protection Act together province the legislative background for the bulk of the regulatory control over the discharge of contaminants into the natural environment, as exercised and administered by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. (Dunn)

Environmental Bill of Rights

Cite as: Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993, SO 1993, c 28

Environmental bills of rights grow out of two key impulses. The first is a desire to make environmental protection a fundamental value in our society. The second is to increase the role of the public at large in protecting the environment. (Saxe)

Pesticides Act

Cite as: Pesticides Act, RSO 1990, c P.11.

Ontario’s Pesticides Act contains a general prohibition against any use of pesticides that is likely to cause damage greater than that which would result from the proper use of the pesticide. (Dunn)


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