Western Libraries

History 2812E - Plague, Pox and Flu: Disease in Global History

Library Catalogue (OMNI)

The Library Catalogue (OMNI) searches scholarly journals that Western owns or subscribes to. This is a good starting point, but for more focused searches you need to turn to specialized library databases. For an overview of how to use the library catalogue, see the OMNI Help Guide.

Library Databases

To find scholarly journal articles for your research paper, turn to library databases like the ones listed below. Most of the articles in these databases have been peer-reviewed, which means they have gone through a formal vetting process with anonymous reviewers.

Interlibrary Loans (RACER)

RACER is an online Interlibrary Loan system used to search for material and place requests. To access RACER you must have an account. To create your account, you need to register. If you have already registered, simply login. Please keep in mind that your University ID number is used as your login and your password is created by you.