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History 2812E - Plague, Pox and Flu: Disease in Global History


This research guide is for students of HIS 2812E: Plague, Pox and Flu: Disease in Global History. It is designed to help you find scholarly books and journal articles for your research paper using the library website. This guide also has helpful links to reference materials and other aids for writing and citing according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Table of Contents

  • Reference
    • Read biographies of historical people
  • Books
    • Find e-books and print books
    • Preview books on Google Books
    • Access interlibrary loans (RACER)
  • Articles
    • Find articles in the library catalogue
    • Find articles in library databases
    • Access interlibrary loans (RACER)
  • Primary Sources
    • Identify what primary sources are
    • Survey references in your secondary sources
    • Find primary sources in the library catalogue
  • Writing
    • Get writing support
  • Citing
    • Use the Chicago Manual of Style
    • Learn about academic integrity