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Women's Studies 2225G - Introduction to Girlhood Studies

Finding Resources for your Essay

This guide will provide key resources for your WS 2225G essay. Visit the encyclopedia tab for electronic reference sources valuable for research topic development. The Books tab provides access to reference resources and a method for conducting keyword searches in the catalogue. The Literary Criticism tab provides access to key resources to assist in locating literary criticism for your essay. The Articles tab lists databases that index the subject area of English.

A suggested Research Process is:

  1. Find Background information in reference sources and books.
  2. Define a researchable topic. Ensure that your topic is not so narrow that you will have difficulty finding research nor too broad that you will be overwhelmed with the number of results.
  3. Read more about your topic to help define a thesis for your paper. Keep track of keywords as you read as these will help you to conduct research for journal articles. What research question related to your thesis do you want to address?
  4. Find journal articles related to your topic.
  5. Be flexible. As you progress with your research it is likely that you will need to modify your topic, thesis and/or research question. Perhaps you are retrieving too many results and you need to narrow or perhaps as you read you uncover an aspect of the topic that is more interesting to you. Research is an iterative process, other ideas to explore can evolve as you read the literature.

    The following youtube video provides additional guidance in conducting effective research.

Visit the English Research Guide  to find other useful resources. The Women's Studies and Feminist Research Guide also has resources of value for your assignment. 

As always there is help available when you hit a problem with your research. Contact information is available to the right for assistance from a subject librarian or our chat service.