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KF240 .C354 2018

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KE2775.8.C354 (print: 1984-1990 in storage)
(Available online via Westlaw Edge Canada)

Canadian Patent Reporter

KE2915.8 .C355 (print: 1985-2014 in storage)
Covers case law in the areas of patents, trademarks and competition law in Canada. 1985-
(Available online via Canadian Patent Reporter Plus and Westlaw Edge Canada.)

The law library has an extensive collection of  Intellectual Property Law texts and treatises which are generally found in the KF 2994 and KF 2979 sections of the law library. The more heavily utilized resources are found in the law reserves collection, a listing of which can be searched from the library catalogue.

Canada's Intellectual Property Law in a Nutshell

KF2979.K73 2010
This source offers a succinct overview to intellectual property law in Canada, as well as a synopsis and step-by-step guide to all the key issues and concerns. Written in a logical style, the author simplifies and explains all aspects of intellectual property law, making full use of illustrative examples and case studies. The work also examines the background and history of each intellectual property right, as well as the scope of protected rights, limits on protection, formal requirements for protection, term of protection and who controls ownership of the rights.

Intellectual Property Law : Copyright, Patents, Trade-marks

KE2779.V38 2011
Intellectual property has become the new wealth of the late-20th century. In this important essentials book, David Vaver provides a lively examination of the three fields of Canadian intellectual property law, copyrights, patents, and trade-marks.

Intellectual Property Law is written in non-technical language and answers the following questions: What is protected? Who owns it? What are the owner's rights? What are the user's rights? Current issues and concerns including genetic engineering, the Internet, and the most recent amendments to the Copyright Act are also examined. Finally, there is a chapter on the management and enforcement of intellectual property rights and a concluding chapter that looks at the broader legal and policy implications of intellectual property law. Print and e-book versions available.

Copyright Law

KF2994.V38 2000
The explosive growth in communication technologies has put enormous strains on the law, no more so than on the law of copyright. In this book, David Vaver examines how the modern law of copyright and moral rights is coping with the new technologies. He provides a detailed, authoritative analysis of the most recent changes to the Copyright Act and their impact on copyright holders and users, including educational institutions, libraries, and archives.

Copyright Law, like its companion volume Intellectual Property Law by the same author, examines issues such as: What does copyright protect? What rights do owners have? What new rights have been introduced and how do they affect the public? What rights do users have? What are moral rights and how are they enforced? How are copyrights managed and how are they enforced? What pitfalls should be avoided in licensing? A thoughtful discussion is included of the origins, justifications, and likely future directions of this branch of the law in the light of international developments, as well as how current deficiencies may be cured. Print and e-book versions available.

Copyright Law in Canada

KF2994.H36 2002
From jurisdictional issues to industrial design, this expansive work serves as a superior road map for navigating the law both in a Canadian and a comparative law context.

Hughes and Woodley on Patents

KF3114 .H837
This two-volume looseleaf service, now in its second edition, extracts the essential points from an immense body of law. Commentary covers the requirements for patentability, infringement actions, Patent office practice and procedure, conflicting applications and many other topics.

Commentary and case analysis prepared by a team headed by The Hon. Mr. Justice Roger T. Hughes.

Also includes:

* The Patent Act reproduced in both English and French - as it read before and after October 1989, and after October 1996

* Patent Rules and Regulations

* The Plant Breeders' Rights Act and Regulation and Commentary

Intellectual Property : the Law in Canada

KF2979.J83 2011
This second edition covers all aspects of intellectual property law in Canada, including copyright, industrial designs, trade-marks and related torts. The authors include extensive analysis of major Canadian cases, including all recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions and their contributions to the developing theory of Canadian intellectual property law. Throughout, the authors highlight continuing controversies, especially those raised by new technologies.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada

For over 100 years, Halsbury's has been recognized as the premier legal reference in the world of common law. Halsbury's Laws of Canada continues in the tradition, delivering an authoritative, reliable and elegant statement of Canadian law.

Copyright - Contributed by Roger T. Hughes, Susan J. Peacock
KE180 .H346 C669 2015

This volume examines the legislation and cases which govern the law of copyright in Canada. Topics covered include: Protected works and neighbouring rights; Ownership, assignment and licensing; Infringement; Moral rights.  

Patents, Trade Secrets, and Industrial Designs - Contributed by Roger T. Hughes and Dino P. Clarizio
KE180.H346P384 2016

This volume provides a concise, black letter statement of the law governing patents of invention, trade secrets and industrial designs in Canada.

Trade-marks, Passing Off, and Unfair Competition  - Contributed by Roger T. Hughes, Toni Polson Ashton, Patrick Cotter, and Sanjukta Tole.
KE180.H346T733 2016

This volume provides a concise, black letter statement of the law governing trade-marks, passing off and unfair competition in Canada.