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Alerts for Business Databases

Receive Alerts for New Issues

When a new issue is added to a database, create an alert and you will receive a notification when it is available.

Follow the instructions below for each individual database.

EBSCO Databases (Business Source Complete)

1. Find a journal – e.g. California Management Review.

2. From the Publications page select "Share".

3. Select if you'd like to create an RSS alert or Email alert.

4. For email alerts you will have to create an EBSCO account.

5. Set your parameters


Unfortunately it is not possible to create alerts with our academic account.


1. Create a MyJSTOR account.

2. Find a journal – e.g. California Management Review.

3. On right select Receive Updates by Email.

ProQuest Databases

1. Find a journal -- e.g. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal.

2. Click Set up Alert.

3. Set your parameters.

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