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MME9615 Library Support

Designing Search Strategies

  • Select keywords from your research topic
  • Find synonyms or related terms for each of the keyword you identified above
  • Use Boolean operators (AND, OR) to connect your keyword; Combine concepts using AND, and combine alternate terms within a concept using OR
  • Select search tools (library catalogue, databases, etc.)
  • Conduct your search
  • Review your search results and revise your search if necessary

You can use the Search Strategy Worksheet below to help you develop your search strategies.

Finding information sources for your MME9615 assignments

This page contains information and links to resources relevant to the MME9605 project/report.


Format of report:

Use the style of a Short Communication in the Journal of Biomechanics.  Click on the link in the catalogue record for online access.  To see an example of a Short Communication, choose one of the recent issues and select an article near the bottom of the list - the short communications are found at the end of each issue, with section “Short communication” in the indexing details.  Note that you will find examples of abstracts and reference lists as well.  You can also go to the journal's website for specific instructions on formatting and abstracts.


Finding books and background information:


Finding scholarly journal articles:

If you find a paper from conference proceedings and Get it at Western! doesn't link you through to the full text, try searching for some of the keywords in the conference title in our shared library catalogue.  If the conference paper is from the IEEE, look for the online version in IEEE Xplore.