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Music 3703B: Music and the Sacred in the Enlightenment

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Collected Sets

Collected sets contain what scholars consider to be the most authoritative edition of a work. Besides being a score edition based on evidence drawn from significant manuscript sources and early editions, collected sets frequently offer critical commentaries on a work or set of works, as well as facsimiles of manuscripts and sketches. In music libraries, the collected sets are classed at: M3 (complete editions), and M3.1 (a subset - as in the complete stage works, only, eg. Richard Strauss has no full complete edition, so his operas will be classed at M3.1.S895). The M3 collections are organized alphabetically on the shelf, by composers' surnames.

Listed below are some collected sets that may help you with your research in this class:

Special Collections at Western

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Manuscripts and Sketches

Tips and Tricks

Not sure what volume of a collected set to look in? Use the Works list in a composer's biography from Grove Music Online