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Music Education

A starting-point for finding information about MUS ED in the Music Library at Western


M1 - M5000      Music

M1627 - M1853 - Folk & Ethnic Music

M1900 - M1985 - Songs of Groups (e.g. Masonic music)

M1990 - M1998 - Secular Children's Songs & Singing Games

M2190 - M2196 - Sacred Music for Children

ML1 - ML3930 -  Literature on music

ML1 - Music Periodicals, published in the USA

ML5 - Music Periodicals, published in Canada, Britain

ML27 - Music Journals published by a Corporate Body (e.g. the NATS Journal)

ML3800-3923 - Philosophical and societal aspects of music. Physics and acoustics of music. Physiological aspects of music

ML3800 - General Works

ML3805 - ML3817 - Physics & Acoustics

ML3820 - Physiological Aspects of Music

ML3830 - ML3840 - Psychology of Music




MT1 - MT960 - Instruction and study

MT1   - General Works on Music Education

MT3-4 - History of Music Education

MT10 - MT11 Teacher's Manuals

MT20 - MT34 Systems/Methods (e.g. Kodaly)

MT35 - Ear Training

MT70 - MT74 Instrumentation and Orchestration

MT85 - Conducting and Score Reading

MT87 - Community Music

MT90 - MT146 Analysis & Appreciation of Musical Works

MT170 - MT810 Method Books, by Instrument

MT179 - MT258 Keyboard Instruments

MT259 - MT338 Stringed Instruments

MT339 - MT553 Wind Instruments

MT539 - MT654 Plucked Instruments

MT655 - MT725 Percussion

MT728 - MT735 Ensembles

MT740 - MT810 Instrumental Techniques for Children