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In Print Book Review Sources

Listed below are some of our many in print and online book review sources.

Online and In-Print Sources

Book Review Index:
In print: Z1035.A1B66, 1965-2006 in DBW periodical reference, 2007-current in DBW reference.

Online: 1993-current.
In print: Z1035.B66, 1905-1999 in Storage.

Books in Canada:
Online: 1992-2008. [ceased]
In print: Z1369.B64, 1971-2008 in DBW  periodical.

Canadian Book Review Annual:
Online [Canadian Book Review Annual Online]: 1981-current.
In print: Z1371.C353, 1975-2006 in DBW periodical reference.

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries:
Online: 2004-current.
In print: Z1035.C36, 1964-2003 in Storage.

Books in Print (Global edition):
Online: To find book reviews, search for the book then click the Title Reviews tab.

New York Times Book Review:
Online: 1985-current.
In print: Z1219.N52, 1896-1989 in Storage, 2008-current in DBW periodical.

Quill and Quire [Canadian publishing]:
Online: 1994-current.
In print: Z487.Q54, 1935-current in DBW microfilm, 1976-1994 in Storage, current year in DBW periodical.

TLS (Times Literary Supplement):
In print: AP4.T45, 1902-current in DBW microfilm, 1902-1968 in Storage, 1969-1980 plus current year in DBW periodical.

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