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Bills, Statutes & Regulations

One of the primary tasks of the provincial Legislative Assembly is to make laws. This process is similar to that of the federal government.   Listed below are resources to consult on this process of making legislation.

Ontario Gazette
V.1 (1868) - V.112 (1979).  Storage - Use Request Item CA2ON LA17 O53
V.113 (1980) - current. DBW govt J 108.K2A2
V. 133 (2000) - current.  Online

Ontario. Legislative Assembly. Bills  1932 (18th Parl. 3rd Sess.) - current.
DBW govt J 108.K5B55 1995 (36th Parl. 1st Sess.) - current. Online

Bills: Current Session

Bills: past and Present (September 1995-)

Ontario. Revised Statutes of Ontario 1877 - 1990. DBW govt J 108.K6R48

Ontario. Statutes of Ontario 1867/68 (1st Parl. 1st Sess.) - current. DBW govt J 108.K6S73
See also Ontario's e-Laws