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This guide will help you begin your research for courses related to Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Click on the tabs above to find resources by category or explore the featured information listed below. Remember: If working from home you must logon to Off-Campus Access to get the full-text of the online resources listed in this guide.

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h-index is a measure of how many times an author's most highly cited papers have been cited. To determine an author's h-index:

  1. Sort the author's papers from most- to least-highly cited. Number the most-highly cited article #1, then 2nd most-highly cited article #2, etc.. (See the 1st column in the example below.)
  2. Look at the number of times each paper has been cited. (See the 2nd column in example below.)
  3. Find the highest numbered paper for which the number of citations is greater than or equal to the paper number.

You can find author's h-index using the following tools:

For more information see: http://www.benchfly.com/blog/h-index-what-it-is-and-how-to-find-yours/

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