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Research Data Management

With the Tri-Council Funding Agencies June 2016 release of the Tri-Agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management, it is more important than ever that researchers practice good research data management (RDM). 

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If you require assistance or have questions about RDM, please email us at rsclib@uwo.ca.

The Portage Training Expert Group has released a one-page guide that summarizes key components of both a research data management Plan (DMP) and the activities which you would undertake to follow that plan; see ' "Good enough" Research Data Management: A Brief Guide for Busy People.'

On March 01, 2018, in response to the anticipated Tri-Agency research data management (RDM) policy, the Portage Institutional RDM Strategy Working Group has released a draft strategy template and supporting guidance document that are designed to assist Canadian research institutions in developing an overarching strategy for RDM. These resources will exist as living documents, to be updated by the Working Group as needed.