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Systematic Reviews

First Steps

If you are about to take on a systematic review for the first time, we highly recommend that you check out the other tabs associated with this page.

Western Libraries also offers one on one consultation service if you are preparing to start a systematic or scoping review.

Systematic or scoping reviews

Consultation Service

  • A librarian will provide a consultation on how to conduct a comprehensive search strategy. 
  • The librarian will not be a team member nor create the search strategies.
  • Advises on search strategy which incorporates key terms and concepts (patron has actual references and a search history you can view)
  • Helps reconfigure search question / make sure it’s focused.
  • Meets with research team to clarify search question, identify key terms and concepts, databases to be searched and types of published studies to be located (including grey literature).
  • Instructs on how to keep track of work done (eg. Reminders for saving searches, reference management software, prisma flow chart awareness or other tools)
  • Helps with modification of search strategy across databases (eg. Proper syntax)
  • Submit a request for a consultation by filling out this form:

    Request a Consultation