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United Nations Treaties

Below you will find information sources for treaties of the United Nations


United Nations Treaty Collection
This collection contains the full-text of the United Nations Treaty Series, the current status of the Multilateral Treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, and texts of recently deposited multilateral treaties.

List of Treaty Collections DBW govt  Z 6464.T8L57 1956 and Online. In 1956, the United Nations published a List of Treaty Collections for its member states.  This may be a useful place to begin to find out how a certain government publishes its treaties and to see what private collections of treaties have been published.

Treaty Series (United Nations). DBW govt mfiche UN2 F5 T65 V.1(1946)-1180(1980); 1980-1994 Storage -Use Request Item
KZ 172.T74 . An index is available at DBW govt KZ 172.T74.