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History of Medicine



This guide focuses on research collections related to the history of medicine. It is not exhaustive and resources on these themes can also be found in other general collections. For more options, see our research guides on other subjects or contact a librarian for research assistance.

Western Libraries is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. This guide is part of an ongoing effort to highlight the diversity of our collections and to encourage the exploration of marginalized voices in the past and present. We welcome your input on this guide.

Oil painting of a heart surgery

Alfredo Vilchis, Ex-voto painting, oil on metal, 1985. Photo by Jason Dyck

[“I give infinite thanks to the Most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for having delivered me safely from a heart operation that could have been fatal. This retablo is an expression of my gratefulness. March 11, 1985. Mexico City, DF”].